3 questions to ask yourself before your first trek

3 questions to ask yourself before your first trek

Trekking is an activity that you want to do, but you are still wondering about this adventure hike. The following article is made for you and will answer your questions to make your first trek a success.

Should I do my first trek alone or accompanied ?

As a beginner, you are advised not to do your first trek alone. The reasons are safety and morale. Concerning the security, the risks are higher because of your little experience. As far as morale is concerned, being accompanied you can support each other.

With friends or family, your fatigue will be more bearable and your trek will seem shorter. If it takes place in France or abroad, do not hesitate to take advantage of a local guide experienced in trekking so that it is done in the best conditions.

Which destination to choose for my first trek ?

Generally, when we talk about trek, we talk about mountainous environment. If you choose to go to the mountains, make sure you choose the one that suits you, such as a mountain near or far from your home, or a mountain that is more or less high. It will depend on your availability and your physical abilities. You should know that a trek in the Auvergne mountains does not require the same effort as a trek in the Andes mountains.

To gain experience, it is advisable to pace your first treks in order to avoid risks and have fun.

How long should my first trek be? 

As you are a beginner in trekking, you need to ask yourself Take into account your physical and mental capacities in order to choose the right length of your trek. Nevertheless, the ideal duration for a first trek is about 5 days. It allows you to more easily bear a limited comfort in bivouac or in refuge.

As a novice, these 5 days will be enough to give you the pleasure of a touring trip and make you want to progress.