Mc Donald’s in front of the Paquier, why it is inevitable

McDonald’s in front of the Paquier: why it is inevitable ?

McDonald's facade

" The downtown area deserves better than Mc Do "has just declared Jean-Luc Rigaut, the former mayor of Annecy. This very political speech also indicates that the American giant is about to open opposite the Pâquier. Analysis of the balance of power.

History of McDonald’s attempts to establish itself near the lake

The lake city attracts thousands of tourists in the city center and its population increases every year. It is therefore a choice target for the American company, which has been trying for over 10 years to strengthen the two existing restaurants (Carrefour Annecy and Géant Casino Seynod).

10 years ago, McDonald’s had tried to establish itself in the place of the store in DIY Weldom in front of the Raoul-Blanchard college. The mayor was opposed because the location was not appropriate, too close to the school. In 2012, the group had tried to settle near the station, but the former municipality had been able to block the project.

This year, the fast-food group has filed in February a building permit for works on existing building to the urban planning department of Annecy. The site is located at 4, quai Eustache-Chappuis opposite the Vassé canal and the Bridge of Loves. It is currently the restaurant “Les arcades” which previously had the sign “Hippopotamus” which is targeted.

Last March 10, the former mayor had declared that he was opposed to this establishment in a building classified as a World Heritage site;AVAP (area of enhancement of architecture and heritage). He concluded that it is the future mayor who will decide.

Only, the new mayor is François Astorg, elected ecological tendency that has carried during his election campaign the value: “to produce and to eat local”.

This time, it is the good one for McDonald’s in Annecy

The McDonald’s project will therefore go ahead. If the American company had bought the business, the municipality could have used the his right of pre-emption and therefore buy locally. But the king of the hamburger has bought shares of the current restaurant to take control of it.

And a municipality does not have the right to buy shares in a company.

The deputy mayor in charge of local commerce said that there was a hole in the racket at the legal level and that it is French law that allows it. Mrs. Lardet who is also a Member of Parliament, has indicated that she will bring this issue to the attention of her parliamentary colleagues.

The city of Annecy has indicated that it will be very demanding on the instruction of the building permit and on the respect of the advice of the ABF (Architectes des Bâtiments de France). A discussion will also take place with McDonald's at the level of the treatment of the waste produced. The neighboring fast food chain, Burger King proceeds itself to the collection of the waste that it produces on the Pâquier and in the surroundings of the restaurant.

The former mayor of Annecy did not fail to come out of his silence by indicating that the new municipality should continue to oppose by having a vision and a political will to assert. Finally, the owner of the hotel next to the future McDonald’s, the Splendid, denounces the future nuisances for his establishment and for the neighborhood: noise, garbage and odors.

Update of 07/05/2021 The town hall of Annecy has just refused on April 8, 2021 the building permit filed by McDonald’s for the opening of a restaurant Quai Eustache Chappuis. The refusal order raises problems of town planning and public safety: emergency exit, air conditioning system and electrical transformer station. The American fast food company has indicated that it will file a new permit to respond to the elements pointed out by the city hall.