Activities to do during a weekend in Normandy

Activities to do during your stay’a weekend in Normandy

What do you plan to do on the weekend ? Do you have any plans? ? Maybe you can’a stay in Normandy will be ideal for you. C’is a good place to spend the weekend by making escapades, taking advantage of the restaurants, accommodations, indulging in various activities. You have a wide range of choices. What will you do ?

Tourist activities

Normandy is full of popular tourist spots. Each place has its particularity, its history. Rouen undoubtedly reminds you of the city where Joan of Arc was executed’arc, with its gigantic cathedral and the beautiful museum of art’art. In Cotentin you can retrace the course of the Normandy landings during the Second World War more exactly on the’one of the beaches where the Allies landed.

L’orne n’The museum is not to be outdone, we know its reputation for the’horse breeding. Therefore, discover the Versailles of the horse in Normandy. What about the Mont Saint Michel, the most visited tourist site in Normandy, the garden of the Mont Saint Michel, the garden of the Mont Saint Michel and the garden of the Mont Saint Michel?’Etretat and the Caen Memorial ? A wide range of possibilities for a successful weekend.

Sports activities

Thrill-seeking and water activities are possible in Normandy. As far as nautical activities are concerned, you can go kayaking along the black rock cliffs. Moreover, you can learn how to handle a sand yacht on the bay of Mont Saint Michel. A paddle trip is also possible. Other activities you can do in the forest.

This includes riding on an all-terrain vehicle. The beaches are also used for activities such as riding fat bikes, a type of fat bike from the mountain bike family that is perfect for riding on sand. Finally, consider a trip to the cave of “La Roche Percée” in Normandy.