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How to prepare your school trip to Andalusia ?

Andalusia attracts millions of tourists every year from all over the world to enjoy the charm of its traditions. Between honeymoon trips or road trips, school trips are also an excellent way to learn and open up to new cultures. If these can be frightening, a good preparation beforehand allows to live an excellent school trip in Andalusia.

Why choose the island?’Andalusia for a school trip ?

Andalusia is a ideal destination for a school trip. There are several aspects that meet the expectations of this type of stay.

Language and culture

The Spanish language is one of the most spoken in the world. For those who are interested, a stay in Andalusia allows a complete immersion and a better learning of the Spanish language and culture.

There are several ways to prepare a school trip to Andalusia. For example, staying with a host family will make the trip a unique and unforgettable experience.

The history

With its numerous monuments listed in the UNESCO world heritage, Andalusia is a dream for young and old alike. Its architectural heritage bears witness to the succession of civilizations that have passed through and the traces they have left behind.

Moreover, the ancestral traditions are mixed with folklore and make Andalusia a destination that vibrates to the rhythm of its flamenco.

Dynamic life

It’s good to live in Andalusia. The coastal city of Málaga combines the tranquility of the seaside with the dynamism of restaurants and nightlife.

The flamboyant Seville also has the charm of a big city with its many museums and destinations to visit.

How to prepare a school trip to Andalusia ?

Who says travel says planning. The Preparing a school trip to Andalusia requires several steps.

How to book transportation to get there

It is possible to travel to Andalusia by plane or train, depending on the destination of departure.

Low-cost flights are preferable if you are flying from Europe: there are many routes with very attractive prices that can be adapted to the students’ budget.

Traveling by train can also be considered as it is an ecological means of transportation that has the advantage of adapting to large groups. Be aware that some of the bus lines connecting the major European cities have unbeatable offers in terms of quality/price.

Book accommodation

It is important to think about the type of accommodation to book for your school trip. Host families are a good option if you are traveling alone or with a small group.

If the group of students is large, it is preferable to opt for youth hostels. This type of accommodation has the advantage of being suitable for young people’s lifestyles, offering the possibility of a stay with half or full board.

The common spaces are particularly present there and thus favour exchanges between the various members of the group.

Plan the itinerary and activities to do on site

The setting up a detailed itinerary is essential since it has an impact on the tour and the quality of the stay.

Plan a logical tour that favors feasible routes. Don’t forget to vary your activities depending on the city or destination you are visiting.

How to prepare a school trip to Andalusia?

What to see on site ?

The intermingling of different cultures and religions shapes the identity of Andalusia. This region has many things to do and many places to visit.

The Royal Alcazar of Seville

L’Alcazar of Seville It is a monument to see absolutely during a stay in Andalusia. Built during the Umayyad period, this palace gathers several architectural layers from the Mudejar style to the Renaissance style.

The gardens of the palace are a marvel and worth a visit. The Alcazar has been used as a film location for several movies including the famous Laurence of Arabia.

The cathedral of Seville

The Cathedral of Seville is interesting to visit, not only because it is the largest Gothic cathedral in Spain. The bell tower room will allow you to contemplate a breathtaking view of Seville.

The Mosque of Cordoba

The mosque of Cordoba enjoys a striking history: originally a Roman temple and then a church, the monument became a mosque during the Arab conquests. It is, thereafter, renamed cathedral during the Spanish Reconquista.

The tower of the Calahorra of Cordoba

Built by Enrique II to defend the city of Cordoba against his brother Pedro I, the Calahorra Tower is worth a visit. A former Arab castle, this tower has witnessed numerous confrontations. Today it houses the Museum of the Three Cultures.

The Alhambra of Granada

L’Alhambra is a major palace of Granada representing the Islamic architecture. This unmissable jewel is interesting to visit as it testifies to the importance of the presence of the Arab dynasties that succeeded each other in Andalusia in the Middle Ages.