3 road trip ideas to escape in 2028

3 road-trip ideas to get away in 2028

The year 2020 is coming to an end and it is already time to prepare your next escapades. In this article, we propose you to discover with us 3 ideas of road-trip to escape and enjoy the "vida loca" ! Wide open spaces, beautiful landscapes, the road-trip is the perfect formula to travel while being free to move around. You can Go on a road-trip with your own car or camper, or simply rent one once you are there.

A road-trip in South Africa

To start this selection, we suggest you to leave discover South Africa.

While visiting the country, you will have the opportunity to enter many reserves (private or public) where you can see the BIG 5 and the animals of Africa.

If you start your escapade in Cape Town, you have the Addo Elephant Park a few kilometers from the city as well as the Kruger National Park. These are the best reserves to see elephants and the BIG 5: lions, leopards, rhinos, giraffes, gazelles. You will be amazed.

South Africa is a country that is easy to visit by car. Car rentals are cheap, you will need to count 10 to 15 euros per day for a small city car (more than enough to travel in the country). Be careful to take your international license with you, because your French license will not be valid on the spot.

The international permit is valid for 3 years so you won't have to worry about it for your next road trip.

A road-trip in the United States

When we talk about road-trip, we usually think of the United States and the great national parks. For this first idea, let's go to the west coast in California for a road-trip starting from Los Angeles. Direction San Francisco, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, but also the big national parks like Yosemite.

Depending on the time you have, you can spend 2 days in Los Angeles, 2 days in San Francisco, 5 days in the national parks and end your road-trip in Las Vegas for example.

The advantage is that you are free to organize your days as you wish. And if you like a city or a place in particular, you can easily shift your program to stay longer.

If you prefer cities, it is quite possible to go to the East Coast of the United States. You could start your trip in New York by discovering the city and the must-see places over a few days, then drive up the coast to Boston. The city can be visited in 2 days and then you can continue along the coast of Maine.

It's a great road-trip, but it's better to go in spring, because winter is usually quite harsh.

A road-trip in the United States

A road-trip in Italy

If you're looking for some sun, Italy is the place to be for a road-trip in the south of the country. As you wish, you can discover Sicily, a beautiful island to discover all year round. From Palermo to the Aegean Islands, Sicily is a superb destination to discover by car.

On the program, beaches and turquoise waters, but also good food.

Otherwise, if you prefer to stay on the mainland, you have the Puglia region between Otranto and Santa Maria di Leuca. The landscapes are just incredible in this region and you will drink good wine ! Lombardy is also a beautiful region with many lakes and sunshine all year round, an ideal destination for a road-trip since the region is not so far from the south of France.

A road-trip in Italy

We just have to wish you a good trip, the hardest part will be to choose one of these 3 road-trips.