3 ideas for a family vacation in Normandy

3 ideas for a family vacation in Normandy

Normandy is a region that attracts about 11 million travelers each year. Attracted by its landscapes, its coasts, its cities, as well as its rather cool climate the’visitors can’t get enough of it’return frequently. D’elsewhere, families can enjoy a week’s vacation full of’a vast choice of’accommodation and’activities to do on site. Here are 3 ideas for family vacations in Normandy ! The ideas were taken via the site, specialist in vacation village normandy. It allows you to easily compare prices, vacation villages and destinations available in Normandy, but also in France and in other countries’other countries in Europe.

And it customizes the offers according to the needs of its travelers. C’went for the discovery of these proposals for vacations in Normandy and in family !

Center Parc Les Bois-Francs

Center Parc’s concept of vacation villages is perfectly adapted to families. The village offers many services on site (accommodation, catering, leisure activities, swimming pools, etc.) in a very natural setting. This allows residents to enjoy’a week of vacation rich in sensations. VillageDeVacancesSpecials allows you to book the bungalow of your choice in the Center Parc Les Bois-Francs. For those who also want to visit the surroundings and do activities, this Center Parc is ideally located.

Nearby: the Bois des Aigles, the charming town of Verneuil sur Avre with the Tour Grise, the Chocolatrium de Damville, Givemy and the gardens of Claude Monet.

A residence by the English Channel


Trouville-sur-Mer © Flickr – Lucia Fantasia

For travelers who want to take advantage of their vacation to breathe the’sea air, why not go to the Channel coast ? VillageDeVacancesSpecials has referenced several of Pierre’s residences & Vacations located in Basse-Normandie, close to beaches and ports. Trouville-sur-Mer, Port-en-Bessin-Huppain, Houlgate, Dives-sur-Mer or Courseulles-sur-Mer, these destinations are ideal to combine vacations with activities for families, walks along the beach and visits to the surrounding towns.

A stay in Deauville

The beach umbrellas in Deauville

The beach umbrellas in Deauville © Flickr – amateur72

Deauville is a destination that is famous for its beaches, its luxury hotels, its beautiful houses. As well as the American Film Festival held in early September. To discover what to see and do during your vacations in Deauville, you can consult one of my previous articles on this subject’To find out what to see and do during your vacation in Deauville, you can read one of my previous articles on this subject by clicking on the link. VillageDeVacancesSpecials proposes and compares several vacation residences located in Deauville.

You can use the filters to select the region you wish to visit’accommodation that best meets your expectations. For example: price range, facilities, number of rooms, type of accommodation, etc’accommodation, type of leisure activities nearby etc;