The most beautiful architectures of Lyon

The most beautiful architectures of Lyon

The city of Lyon is located on the southeast side of France. This city is known for its local culture and heritage that attract many visitors by their richness. In Lyon, there are many historical monuments, cultural monuments, objects classified in the cultural heritage, etc.

Lyon and its architecture

The culture in Lyon is remarkable and this is reflected in its architecture which is simply unique. Indeed, Lyon mixes architectural styles in its different districts to offer a show for the eyes.

The Tower of the part-Dieu

This tower is one of the most beautiful illustrations of thearchitecture in Lyon. This is a kind of skyscraper made up of offices and located in the business district of La Part-Dieu in Lyon. The construction of the part-Dieu tower was done with the agreement of several financial groups such as the Credit Lyonnais. The height of the tower is 164.9 meters with a mast culminating at 200m and the tower of the part-Dieu has a cylinder shape. A transparent pyramid can be seen on the top floor which is 23 m high, hence the nickname “pencil tower”. The part-Dieu tower has 19 elevators with a surface of 37 000m 2 occupied by offices.

A parking lot that can hold more than 200 cars is located at the basement level and the facade of the tower is made of concrete. The Radisson Blue hotel occupies the top 7 floors of the tower and on the 32nd floor there is the hotel bar. It is ranked 13th among the largest towers in France.

The Confluence Museum

Included in thearchitecture in Lyon, the museum of confluences is a museum of anthropology, civilizations and natural history. The cultural project of the museum includes different architectural parts. There is first of all the crystal which constitutes the space intended for the circulation and the entry of the public with a surface of 1900m 2 . This crystal serves as access to the exhibition space. Then, there is the cloud which is covered with stainless steel and structured with metal and has a surface of 10 900m 2 . It is composed of 4 levels where the different showrooms are located.

Finally, there is the base which is made of concrete and on which the cloud and the crystal rest; its surface is 8700m 2 . On the base level, there are private spaces, technical spaces, auditoriums, etc.


The Ycone building signed by Jean Nouvel is a residential building that is part of the architecture in Lyon. This building consists of 92 new apartments and reaches an estimated height of 64 meters. The first facade of the building is made of concrete with a wooden frame and an aluminum frame. This facade is equipped with a cladding of aluminum cassettes available in twenty colors. The second skin of this building is a set of transparent windows which were mounted on a frame.

The completion of the work is characterized by a cap of 11 meters high and 80 tons. The Ycone building also has a green belt with oak and pear trees placed in planters surrounding the building.

Silex 2

The Silex 2 tower is also part of thearchitecture in Lyon. It is a tower including offices and located in the business district of the part-Dieu. This tower reaches a height of 129 meters and is ranked in the Top 5 of the highest towers in the city of Lyon. The tower has 30,900 square meters of office space and its base is made of concrete, which is already a particularity.

The other peculiarity of the tower is the fact that the tower itself is made of steel and does not have a concrete core. 300m 2 of the tower is dedicated to local shops and the building has many parts: an auditorium, a coworking space of 5000m 2 , a brewery, etc. a surface of 1700m 2 is dedicated to vegetated terraces located on different floors with gardens and vegetable gardens.

The green cube

In thearchitecture in Lyon, there is also the green cube which is a building used as world headquarters for Euronews and which includes offices, control rooms, recording rooms and other spaces of the television channel. The green cube has the shape of a parallelepiped which is pierced by two cone-shaped atriums and looks like big eyes. These atriums allow access to and admiration of the landscape and the Saône.

The building is enveloped by a light glazed facade with an aluminum mesh that serves as a lining. The surface of the green cube is 10 000m 2 and there are 6 floors. The basement could certainly be used for a parking lot.