How to earn extra money while studying in Annecy

How to earn extra money while studying in Annecy ?

In this period of health crisis, many students in Annecy have difficulties to find a job to pay their studies. What are the tracks to be privileged ?

How to make the most of your higher education

The Annecy area has a lower unemployment rate than the national average. Skilled jobs in industry, mechatronics, digital and tourism are highly sought after by employers. But for the students who are looking for small jobs to pay all or part of the costs of their studies, the offer has decreased since the health crisis which has strongly impacted many SMEs that used to recruit part-time students.

Nevertheless, there are interesting possibilities that should not be overlooked.

In the first place, students who are enrolled in higher education in the fields of languages, mathematics, physics, computer science and teaching have a good level in these subjects that can be remunerative. As such, most of them have a good knowledge of English, which is a very popular language for tutoring. The online teaching jobs allow many students in Annecy to supplement their income by continuing their studies in better conditions. E-learning platforms have grown in popularity during periods of confinement.

The knowledge acquired in higher education can thus help many other students.

To bet on the tourist development

The tourism sector is very developed in Annecy and attracts holidaymakers in summer and winter. All year round, numerous festive and cultural events attract a large audience. The International Animation Film Festival which takes place in June requires many young people to welcome the festival-goers who come from all over the world.

The lake festival which takes place on the first Saturday of August attracts more than 50 000 spectators. The hotels and the numerous campsites therefore need staff to satisfy the demand. It is also the case during the folk festival of the Descent of the Alps in October and the Venetian Carnival in February which attract many spectators over several days. At the end of the year in December, the city of Annecy hosts the Christmas Market of the Alps. More than forty small traditional chalets are set up in the Old Town to offer festive products for sale.

The shopkeepers are looking for many students to help them run these stands which are open every day.

The restaurant sector is highly developed in Annecy with many establishments that have great difficulty hiring waiters and kitchen staff during the summer season. After a quick training in-house, it is the insurance for the young students to find a job in addition to their university training. The demand is so high that it is enough to apply directly with a CV to several institutions.

To accompany the development of the digital economy

At the institutional level, the city of Annecy offers every summer youth workcamps. This device reserved for 14-17 years old constitutes a first approach of the work on building sites paid on the basis of contracts of 15 H.

The digital economy sector is growing rapidly in the Annecy region. Many start-ups are looking for students in programming, design and animated image. These jobs, which can take the form of paid internships, allow students specialized in these disciplines to perfect their level in a practical way and to set aside money to cover part of the cost of their education in higher education.

The “Image Factory paper millsCran-Gevrier’s Digital Economy Forum brings together more than 50 companies from startups to SMEs specialized in the image and creative industries that offer paid internships. For students who have a good level in graphics and 3D modeling, the Ubisoft group is located in Annecy. This video game studio is frequently looking for new talents.

Real Estate and Human Services

The building sector is growing rapidly in Annecy. The sector is very dynamic to meet the demand to move between lake and mountain. The construction industry is under pressure and many jobs remain to be filled.

If your educational background corresponds to one of the professions related to real estate, you will not have any difficulty in finding a part-time job to finance your studies.

Finally, the Annecy agglomeration has a large number of retirees who have chosen to live in this region. Personal service activities such as shopping, helping with meals, cleaning, ironing and walking for the elderly are experiencing strong growth locally. Many companies are looking for students by adapting to their school schedule.

Classified ads also work well to find a human service job near your home.

In conclusion, the economic dynamism of the Annecy region is a source of numerous opportunities for students who need a financial complement to pay for their studies. The student associations can also advise you on many interesting paths.