What is the TGV MAX my opinion

Qu’is the TGV MAX : my opinion

The SNCF is always working hard to offer its users the best possible service. Numerous subscriptions and services are therefore often created for the great pleasure of users. Among these, we can mention the TGV Max, which has been in the news ever since.

Today’Today, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this subscription and you’ll have our opinions and impressions as a bonus.

All about the TGV Max from

TGV Max is an online service offered by It is only reserved for people between 16 and 27 years old. The target class is mainly the student class.

We therefore propose to these people to benefit from unlimited travel on the TGV by subscribing to a monthly pass.

You should know that everything happens online and that some rules must be respected. For example, you cannot book more than 6 trips at a time.

TGV Max : how it works ?

To subscribe, you have to connect to the official website and follow the instructions. In principle, after 48 hours, you will already notice that your account is active. From then on, you can enjoy the trains to the fullest.

We say that, but be careful ! Finding the right train here is a real challenge. Indeed, the TGV trains have only a limited number of seats for people with disabilities TGV Max subscribers and can only be booked one month in advance. What makes them end at lightning speed.

To get a ticket during weekends for example, you really have to be on the lookout and not miss the opening of the seats. A few minutes after this opening, believe us, all the places are already gone. Think of programming an alarm clock or a reminder to help you.

The positive and negative points of a TGV Max

Contrary to what you can often read on the Internet, there are advantages to subscribe to such a service (otherwise the service would have been closed for quite some time). On the one hand, this subscription will allow you to REALLY travel everywhere in France. With access to all trains TGV of France, this is not really a surprise.

So you can organize small outings with friends or visit your parents who may not live in the same city as you while saving money. The TGV Max allows to’To get cheaper train tickets.

On the other hand, this is really a relief for students. And indeed, being a student, you may have to do several job interviews and not necessarily in the city where you live. This is a great opportunity for this social class.

On the other hand, you can have access (if you pay for it) to hot drinks. A little coffee can be really great, especially when you travel early in the morning and have a long day ahead of you.

What may seem negative for some is obviously the flexibility that must be shown. You have to be a little flexible on the schedule and on the dates. There is also the number of seats a little too limited which does not really improve the image of this service.

What we think of TGV Max

This subscription is not necessarily suitable for everyone. But before proclaiming that this is your case, try it already. Of course, you have to make some concessions, but the counterpart is that you will make huge savings.

We already inform you that there are no TGV Max during busy periods, as it has been done. If you want to travel during the Christmas vacations, for example, you will have to find another solution.

You must have your smartphones or computers ready at 00:00. You may not believe it, but at 00:02, you may not have any seats left at all.

Moreover, we advise you to be a little wide in your research. If there are no more tickets available for the trip you want to make, search in the surrounding stations. A bit far-fetched, but what not to do to avoid ruining yourself in transportation costs ?

TGV Max or Carte Jeune, what to choose ?

TGV Max allows you to travel unlimited throughout France for only 79€ per month. A price that may seem high but that corresponds more or less to the price of the Navigo pass (the transport card that allows you to use public transport in Ile de France). L’The disadvantage of this offer is clearly the fact that it is not possible to take advantage of this service’Impossibility to book your train too far in advance and therefore the fact that only the trains out of school vacations (big departures) or at early or late departure times are accessible without stress.

On the other hand, the youth card gives you the possibility to book your OuiSncf train ticket in the usual way, until the end of the year’three months ahead’The young people’s card allows you to book your OuiSncf train ticket in first or second class in advance, but with a discount on the price of the ticket (-30% for classic tickets and -10% for first class tickets)’s). The youth card is open to children from 12 years old (as well as to young adults up to 18 years old)’at 27 years old) compared to 16 years for the’TGV max subscription . Nevertheless, the youth card will make you pay the price of a ticket’a fairly substantial ticket (although reduced by 30%) for 49 euros per year.

What will motivate your choice between the TGVMAx and the youth card is the number of trips you make per month or per year. Indeed, if you travel more than twice a month all year round, you will be able to enjoy a great experience’year (especially students to go home), the’TGVMax subscription should be more profitable. On the other hand, if you do not travel regularly, the’ideal is the young card that will not charge you every month and will be useful only’by buying your tickets.