Ghost to headline Hellfest 2023 on Saturday June 18

Ghost to headline Hellfest 2023 on Saturday 18 June

In the middle of the Imperatour Europe 2023 tour, it is during the concert in Paris on April 18th that Papa Emeritus IV chose to announce that the band Ghost would be headliner at Hellfest 2023. Saturday, June 18, the atmosphere will be pop-metal (yes, it’s a bit true) on the Mainstage. Enough to delight the fans of the band that had already electrified the Hellfest in 2016.

Many of us had already guessed that Ghost was a serious candidate. This fit in well with the tour dates.

Faith No More replaced by Ghost

Since its previous appearance at Hellfest, the band has dropped the masks – at least in part. Papa Emeritus is none other than the Swedish Tobias Forge whose name has been made public due to rights issues and lawsuits. By the way losing a part of its historical band.

After the album Meliora (2015) which, for my taste, is the musical peak of the band, we had a good Prequelle in 2018 and a more average Impera this year. We will have to defend all this on stage !

It is finally quite normal to find Ghost as a headliner considering their regularity, a fan base that is growing and an important accomplishment in touring these last years.

In many ways, Ghost cannot replace Faith No More completely. It is still a new generation of musicians and styles ! Alongside Gojira, Ghost has significantly rejuvenated the Hellfest lineup always held by old-timers: Metallica, Scorpions, Gun’s n Roses.

See you in hell in June ! Find more information about the groups in this article.