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How to organize a trip to Martinique ?

You are planning to visit the’Martinique is the island where the beautiful Empress Josephine de Beauharnais, Napoleon Bonaparte’s first wife, was born ? You have knocked on the right door. This article will present you with the many reasons to go to the beautiful French island and will give you tips to organize your trip with peace of mind. To enjoy the wonders of Martinique’island, it is better to be prepared !

Organize a trip to Martinique easily

For to organize a trip to Martinique You can easily go through a travel agency or book an all-inclusive hotel. L’Because the island is so touristy, it’s not the most popular holiday packages’it misses. However, you may prefer to organize your trip by yourself to get a better idea of what you are looking for’You can also get a taste of the culture, or simply get some additional information’information on how to do things other than those included in your all-inclusive vacation.

Whatever your organization, this article is a good way to find out more about it’to learn more about the other’s culture’What to do on the island. You will be able to pick up ideas and better define what you want to do in priority, which will allow you to better organize yourself with your travel agency or by yourself.

Where and when to go in Martinique ?

Martinique is a small French island located in the Caribbean. Its five main cities are Fort-de-France (its prefecture), Le Lamentin, Le Robert, Schœlcher and Ducos. If you want to be at the heart of’a lively city, these are the cities that you can visit’you will have to target in priority.

However, there is nothing to stop you from taking a tour and visiting other places’You can choose to stay in other cities or move to a less busy city for the duration of your stay. For example, if you’re an adventure enthusiast, this article will help you get there’history, is not’Do not hesitate to go to Les-Trois-Îlets which is the city where Josephine de Beauharnais was born. L’island n’The island is not very big and it is possible to go everywhere very quickly by car. As a matter of fact’For example, it takes two hours to travel from the northern tip to the southern tip.

Also, don’t necessarily make your choice based on the time of day’urban animation.

L’the island is the scene of tropical depressions from July to November, making the period not very suitable for tourism. It is better to go to Martinique during the dry season, as it is the best time to visit’i.e. from December to June. The weather will be mild and you will enjoy the beautiful Caribbean sun, which will go very well with your afternoons at the beach.

What type of accommodation to choose ?

L’s a very touristic island, it has a good offer of’s a great place to visit’hotels and vacation villages like the’a must for Pierre & Vacation, but also in a more local way : the’Impératrice Village. You will find all kinds of accommodations more or less equipped according to your needs and your configuration (family, couple, friends, etc.).). N’Do not hesitate to consult comparison sites ! If you want to make it easier for yourself, we recommend you to go to a village in Pierre & Vacations. Their services are impeccable and there is air conditioning (which will be your friend during your stay).

C’is moreover’elsewhere the first address that Tripadvisor shares when we look for what are the best hotels in Martinique. If you would like a comprehensive guide to the best hotels in’If you are looking for a place to stay on the island, we can only recommend that you visit Tripadvisor and then save some money by going through

How to get around ?

Martinique n’is not very well provided with transportation infrastructure. If you want to make the most of your stay and roam around the island, you should rent a car’island, it is better to rent a car on the spot. You can also do as the Martiniqueans do by hitchhiking, but nothing is too much trouble’If you want to make the most of your stay, we recommend that you go to a Stone Village, as the weather is more unpredictable and you risk wasting time and spoiling your vacation.

In short, we strongly recommend that you rent a car at the airport of Fort-de-France which has a number of car rental companies.

What to do in Fort-de-France ?

In terms of activities to do during your vacation in Martinique, you have plenty to choose from. Below is a non-exhaustive list of the best hotels in Anse Couleuvre’ideas :

Take a tour of the beaches

  • Salines : c’is the most famous beach of the island’island
  • Carbet : this beach welcomed Christopher Columbus when he landed in Martinique in 1502
  • L’Anse Couleuvre : c’It is the beach considered as the wildest and the most appreciated by the inhabitants of Martinique. It is located at the foot of Mount Pelee and its sand is very soft’Moreover, the volcano is the source of the animation.
  • Diamant or Grande Anse du Diamant : C’The island is also the place to go for a local and responsible lunch’one of the most famous beaches of Martinique
  • Etc.

To taste seafood

There are many fish restaurants in Martinique. Take advantage of this’a delicious cuisine based on freshly caught fish and seafood. We also want to give you the following tip: go to Sainte-Luce where many fishermen gather.

You can buy lobsters still alive in traps. If you are equipped with’an accommodation where it is possible to cook, have fun to make your own grilled lobster.

Enjoy the rum distilleries

Ah the Caribbean rum ! No doubt that’it deserves its reputation. During your stay in Martinique, take a tour of the distilleries. Some of them offer guided tours like the one of the three rivers located in Sainte-Luce. The guide will introduce you to the’Some of them allow you to see dolphins, to see the old distillery estate and to narrate its history from the XVIIᵉ century to nowadays. You can also do a rum tasting and learn about the particularities of each vintage.

A nice souvenir store La Maison du coco will complete your visit. You will find products made by hand from coconuts.

Take a cruise

Many thematic boat excursions are organized. Some of them allow you to see dolphins, dolphins and other animals’Other local and responsible lunches. You can even take a scuba diving experience and maybe hope to see some beautiful sea turtles.

We will not list the different excursions that exist, because they are far too different and numerous. N’However, don’t hesitate to ask for information and once again, we advise you to visit us’check the complete guide on Tripadvisor which is a mine of good ideas.

What are the dangers of Martinique ?

As we said before, the’the island is subject to tropical depressions which can be quite violent. It is classified as a site susceptible to fairly large natural disasters such as cyclones and tsunamis. On the other hand, the’The island has a majority of inactive volcanoes, in the’With the exception of Mount Pelee (located in the north of the island)’island). This still active volcano makes the island run’island a risk of’volcanic eruption.

D’In 1902, the volcano erupted and destroyed the city of Saint-Pierre, which was the economic and cultural capital of the island’before these dramatic events.