How to choose your Eastpak cabin suitcase

Why choose an Eastpak cabin suitcase? 

Whether you are planning to spend a holiday with friends on a small island, travel as a couple or go on a business trip, you must have a very high quality and compact suitcase. So you won't have any trouble taking your personal belongings directly to your cabin. Opting for a quality carry-on suitcase means opting for a peaceful trip. This also allows you to avoid certain inconveniences.

Indeed, traveling with just a carry-on bag allows you to avoid the waiting time at check-in and the waiting time at disembarkation to retrieve your luggage in the hold. Today, the Eastpak brand, known for its quality products, offers many models of suitcases that can be taken in the cabin and that will make your travel experience much more beautiful.

Eastpak's choice of carry-on luggage

As you may have noticed, Eastpak luggage models that meet the requirements to be taken in the cabin are abundant on the market. This makes it very difficult to make a choice. If you are looking for the best prices for your Eastpak carry-on suitcase, check out this comparison.

However, to orient yourself, you can turn to a number of criteria.

The 30-year warranty

Opting for an Eastpak carry-on suitcase is above all opting for a piece of luggage that you can use for the rest of your life. Most of Eastpak's hand luggage comes with a 30-year warranty. It is in fact largely thanks to this that the brand has acquired the fame it has today.

Note that the guarantee we're talking about here takes into account the zippers, straps, pulls and wheels. Airline damage is also taken into account. So choose a model with a guarantee.

This will save you a lot of trouble.


Eastpak carry-ons are available in several colors and models on the market. If you are a woman and you like to travel, the models with bright colors or floral prints may delight you. As for the men, they can rather choose plain colored suitcases.

Remember that all Eastpak carry-on suitcases undergo a series of tests before being marketed.

Sturdiness and aesthetics

Whether they are large or small, Eastpak cases are always ready to accompany you on your trips. Opt for easy-to-use and manageable models, as they offer their users greater security. Also, fragile objects that you might have put inside will be protected from shocks.

Of course, aestheticism is not as important as the other criteria. A suitcase that looks good is always more attractive. So make the right choice !

cabin suitcase

What other points to consider ?

Apart from the above mentioned criteria, there are other very important ones. We have the frequency of use. Indeed, if you only travel occasionally, there is no need to pay for a suitcase worth more than 300 euros.

On the other hand, if you are traveling on business, choosing a reputable brand is imperative.

The destination of the journey is also a very important criterion. If you go to the countryside, ideally opt for a robust luggage. This way, the wheels won't get damaged during a walk.