Discover Nevada differently

Discover Nevada differently

Nevada is known around the world for two things. Grand Canyon National Park first, an ochre-colored rock formation as vast as it is deep. And then Las Vegas, the tourist capital of the state.

Carson City being the administrative capital, yet much less known.

However, Nevada is much richer than one might think and there are several places that are well worth a visit. A small tour of the tourist attractions that do not make the front page of the tourism magazines, but that allow you to discover this American state in a different way.

Whitney Pockets, a unique setting in the world

Located just a few miles from the city of Riverside, in southeastern Nevada, Nevada is the most beautiful city in the world’Whitney Pockets is the perfect place to pitch your tent and enjoy the scenery’A starry night like you have never seen before’like you have never seen before. In the morning, you will discover rocks with strange colors and extraordinary shapes. Quite isolated, you will have to bring something to eat, no services are available’being accessible in the vicinity.

If you ever want to’opportunity to’go there in spring, the setting will be even more picturesque with the blooming of the desert flowers.

A natural site very popular with the inhabitants of the region and yet rather unknown to tourists.

The Golden Gate and the Golden Nugget, the pioneers of Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas casinos will take you back in time to see the city as it was decades ago.

The Golden Gate is simply the oldest casino in the city. A true historical monument, it is however less entertaining than its counterpart.

The Golden Nugget, named after the largest gold nugget ever found (a nugget on display in the casino), is undoubtedly still in its prime, but it has aged well, unlike the Golden Gate, which seems more outdated.

One thing is certain, if you want to feel the atmosphere of the roaring twenties in Las Vegas in a perfectly preserved setting, prefer these two institutions to the famous giants of the Strip, the district of the giant casinos, located south of the old town of Las Vegas.


Poker, more than a game, the sport of the city

Of course, the largest city in Nevada will be the most important one’the opportunity to discover its world-renowned casinos and shows. However, the majority of tourists miss the’The essence of the night capital’they are not’The most popular sport in the city known as Sin City is poker.

Whether in the city center or in the suburbs, you will discover the’the original atmosphere of this game that has become a worldwide phenomenon. As the historical capital of poker, many places in Las Vegas still breathe life into the city today’today’love this game. A completely different way to experience the world of gambling in the city of a thousand lights at night.

Gemfield, playing the pioneers of the West

Three hours away from Las Vegas, the small town of Gemfield is one of the symbols of the conquest of Nevada’West and East’hope of those millions of dollars’The Golden Gate is a place for men and women who came to seek their fortune among the ochre rocks of Nevada. Here you can visit dozens of stores, buy stones, but most of all, play gem seekers yourself ! L’Access is free and everyone can mine without fear of injury’to be worried by the authorities. Be sure to stay within the permitted areas, however, as there are plenty of places to go’old mines and d’places are fenced off for security, not to keep treasures. It is best to go to the Golden Nugget’It is important to bring your own equipment and to have something to eat and drink. L’activity can be much more exhausting than the one in Nevada’we don’t believe it.

Especially in the sunshine.

Nevada is a state that is full of’tradition and history’s millions of dollars of history, which is often put on hold by the fact that it is not possible to bring one’s own equipment and to have something to eat’huge light thrown on Las Vegas and its surroundings. Far from the glitz of the Strip and the masses of tourists of the Grand Canyon, you can discover people close to their land and breathtaking landscapes.