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Cruise in Norway: discover the fjords

You want to go on vacation in an atypical destination, to discover extraordinary landscapes ? Have you ever heard of the fjords of Norway?. These ancient glacial basins covered with marine water, located on the outskirts of the mountains, offer breathtaking scenery. Located in the North of Europe, Norway is full of forests, each one more impressive than the other.

It is undoubtedly one of the destinations to make for a cruise out of time.

Where and when to go for a cruise in Norway ?

Although Norway is located in Northern Europe, the climate is rather mild. The area is protected by the meteorological phenomenon of the Gulf Stream. It is therefore possible to visit the Fjords during a good part of the year.

The ideal period is the summer. Indeed, the’summer the light is omnipresent and the days last long. You have time to enjoy the show.

However, it is quite possible to go there in spring or autumn without being worried by the authorities. Avoid going during the winter months, although the waters do not freeze much, the days are very short and the light can be disappointing.

Norway’s entire coastline is dotted with fjords. The west coast is particularly popular with tourists. It is often in this region that a cruise goes to discover the splendor of this country. There are some fjords known for their unique beauty:

  • Nærøyfjord
  • the Sognefjord
  • Lysefjord
  • The Geirangerfjord

This list is not exhaustive and the coastline is full of many other magnificent basins that you will discover during your cruise.

What can you see on a cruise?’a cruise in the fjords ?

The Fjords offer you panoramas worthy of the greatest movie productions. On the spot, you will discover large lakes surrounded by a green nature and singular mountainous relief. The calmness which emerges from these landscapes.

You will also find waterfalls and impressive cliffs. All kinds of natural wonders that you never knew existed.

You will also discover caves and crevasses, dug by time and the forces of nature. An unforgettable show for you, your family or your friends. There is almost a spiritual dimension that takes hold of us as we approach these wonders.

In spring, you will be able to see the blooming of the numerous flowers on the Norwegian mountainsides.

On land, you will discover a warm and friendly population, with a rich culture and a certain savoir-vivre. You will be able to discover the different culinary specialties of the region, and especially the one based on fish. The coastline is dotted with small towns, each more charming than the next.

The small shops are not lacking and the local specialities either.

What budget to plan ?

To fully enjoy your experience, you must plan a budget for the cruise and a budget for the different excursions on the Norwegian lands. For an all-inclusive week to discover the Fjords, plan a budget of at least 2,700 euros for 2 people.

What budget should I plan for?

This budget is broken down as follows: 1 900 euros for an all inclusive cruise to discover the Fjords for two. Including accommodation and food, as well as activities on the boat. 800 euros for the different excursions, activities and additional expenses that you will have to do to fully enjoy your week.

Don’t hesitate to check regularly the different offers. This price is also likely to vary according to the period in which you organize your cruise. Anyway, the beauty of the show is well worth it.