3 restaurants to try when in Lyon

3 restaurants to try when you are in Lyon

In the city of Lyon, gastronomy occupies a central place, it is even one of the most famous traditions. And it is not for nothing that it has been designated the third best city in France for eating, after Bordeaux and Paris. This tradition of gastronomic city continues the city since 1935, year when the city of Lyon received the name of “capital of gastronomy”, and this, thanks to the famous culinary critic called Curnonsky.

Today, this tradition is well preserved, as many great names in French gastronomy have opened restaurants in the area. The gastronomy in Lyon and therefore very developed.

The 3 best restaurants in Lyon

Lyon’s gastronomy is world famous through its great starred chefs, but also its unusual restaurants. These are atypical and original settings that offer visitors a unique experience for the pleasure of their eyes and their taste buds. Among these numerous places, here are three restaurants to try in Lyon.

Bouchon Tupin

In Lyon, eating well rhymes with good restaurants. For this you can count on the restaurant Bouchon Tupin. The restaurant is established at the level of the peninsula of Lyon.

The followers of the good cooking are welcomed in a warm and neat frame, the service is sympathetic and very welcoming. Thus, they are offered the opportunity to discover the emblematic recipes of the city of Lyon linked to its internationally renowned gastronomy. Indeed, the Bouchon Tupin proposes to its customers a purely authentic Lyonnais cooking, conceived and proposed from fresh products by a young and talented team. The latter is endowed with great creativity, which contributes to making the restaurant a space that combines authenticity and modernity reflected in its magnificent decoration. Many customers rush to the restaurant’s website to make their reservation and enjoy excellent dishes with a refined presentation.

So to discover or even rediscover the pâté en croute, the very tasty quenelle, pure delightful desserts, in short the excellence of the Lyon cuisine, the good address is the Bouchon Tupin. You will be able to taste the tastiest bouchons lyonnais of the city.